Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Christmas is still weeks away, but it is never too early to make that list and start buying gifts for your own children, godchildren, nephews, nieces, younger siblings, or even the children of your friends. Thinking of gifts for children can be tricky. Some prefer to give gifts that are fun while others prefer those that encourage children to learn. The budget is also something to consider, especially if you are buying for several kids. Some of the toys available in stores do cost an arm and a leg. With these factors in mind, choosing what to buy can indeed be stressful. Here are gift ideas that might help you decide what to buy this Christmas.

Educational Toys for Young Girls

Little girls can be really picky at times, but even the pickiest little girl cannot thumb her nose at cute stuff in pastel colors. Pretend play toys make great gifts to girls between five and ten years old. These gifts can improve their creativity and imagination.

o Dollhouses and doll furniture
o Fairy wings, magic wands, hair accessories to complement their princess costumes
o Playhouses, huts, or tents designed like castles
o Dramatic play toys like a doctor’s medicine bag or a play money set
o Toy kitchen accessories
o Wooden toy kitchens
o Wooden play food
o Girl’s vanities















Pretend play toys also give mothers opportunities to teach a little about housekeeping or good grooming to young girls while they play.

Educational Toys for Young Boys

Young boys, at any given day, seem like they have all the energy in the world and then some! Give them gifts that will not only capture their imagination but also exercise their critical thinking or resourcefulness as well as provide another way for them to spend those extra energy.

o Train and activity tables
o Paint kits
o Science kits featuring dinosaurs and other animals, robots, and fossils
o Magic tricks set
o Construction toys like blocks
o Magnetic toys like mazes
o Rubik’s cube
o Rocking toys shaped like horses, boats, motorcycles, an even an airplane

Educational Toys for Girls and Boys

Buying gender-neutral toys is the best way to go if you know so little about the kids other than their age. Boys and girls will enjoy playing these toys with their friends.

o Jigsaw and floor puzzles
o Board games
o Puppets and puppet theaters
o Outdoor toys like a trampoline or a balance base
o Memory card games and the like
o Activity tables like those looking like science projects with colored wires and balls

Gifts Even Parents Will Appreciate

These gifts might make the parent happier than the kid, but kids will still appreciate them.

o Wooden toy boxes with sporty designs for boys and cute floral ones for girls or toy chests shaped like farm houses, treasure chest, or even a carriage
o Sleeping bags and tents
o Playroom furniture like mini lockers, step stools, desks, and rocking chairs

Christmas is a special season for families but more so for kids. It is the time of the year when Santa and his elves bring good tidings in the form of beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree.

By rahul