Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

The Right Toys

The brain of your baby will be growing at a much higher rate throughout the first year, compared to any other period of its life. Actually, during the first year, the brain has already reached about 60% size of an adult brain. Therefore, experts believe that the first year is a crucial period in learning, since the baby will be absorbing the most information compared to any other time of its life, and educational toddler toys can play a major role in this formative learning process.

Starting Out Right

Experts also believe that the best learning happens during the first three years in the life of a child. This is deduced by the physical developments taking place during this time. When the brain is growing, neurons or nerve cells are also multiplying and are connecting to different parts of the nervous system. These connections enable different abilities in toddlers, and promote better thinking and understanding of the world around them. Educational toddler toys stimulate learning in a child, which in turns enhances the growth process of the brain and the neurons inside this vital organ.
















Challenging the Senses

Another noticeable development, taking place in babies during their first three years are their senses. This would include their sense of touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Infants are prompted to utilize their senses, so that they develop properly. Educational toddler toys can stimulate the sense of touch, seeing, and hearing. Stimulation promotes growth, and in this case, sense stimulation will be promoting the growth of sense organs and their coordination.

Growing the Body

Playing comes naturally to children and it provides an excellent opportunity for parents to include some learning elements, which will stimulate imagination and thinking. According to child experts, playing not only stimulates thinking and learning, but also promotes salient coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Educational toddler toys will stimulate curiosity, which will encourage the child to handle and explore the toy in different ways. This activity promotes imagination, thinking and grasping of different concepts. For instance, wooden blocks of different sizes and colors, will promote stacking skills, ability to differentiate between sizes, and recognizing colors.

Toys Increase Health & Comprehension

Most of the classic educational toddler toys are very reasonably priced, and are available in almost every toyshop or can be ordered online. However, before deciding on a toy, make sure it is made of substances that are safe for the baby. It is advisable to shop at reputed outlets that specialize in these toys. Such manufacturers take extra care in choosing the safest materials, and pay attention to the design, to make sure they will not cause any bodily harm to the baby.

By rahul