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Getting Back To Your Future: Returning Students Easily Resume Studies at Online Universities – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Education yields the highest returns of all personal investments. Since time immemorial, learning has far outperformed all other speculative ventures. Besides the direct benefits of enhanced career options and income potential, knowledge acquisition pays in many other ways.

Many people who have been out of the academic world for awhile are often worried about returning to learning. Some simply suffer in silence as they stumble from one excuse to another. I’m really too old to learn anything new. “How can I possibly manage school, work, and family?” ” How will I ever afford tuition?” If these questions haunt your head, take careful note. In-depth instruction to quell your fears and ease your quease is hereby commenced. Class is in session.

The drawn-out tedium of traditional degrees

If you are apprehensive about successfully competing in the academic arena, you are not alone. Family and job responsibilities present severe limitations for many would-be students.

Traditionally, pursuit of higher education has required substantial time, money, and personal sacrifice. Part-time studies, night school, and correspondence courses have been around for ages. These alternatives to full-time study presented severe drawbacks, however.

Although offering lower tuition costs per semester, part-time and night school studies required physical class attendance. Moreover, students were held to rigid academic schedules which required completion of specific courses during specific terms. If they were unable to adhere to such a study agenda, they progressed much more slowly toward degree completion.

Enter technology

These obstacles are now obsolete. Technological advances have gained a solid foothold in Academia. Part-time study once consumed nearly a decade of drudgery. Not to mention toilsome treks to long-distance to distant campuses in rain, sleet, snow, and dark of night.

Online universities have broken down the barriers formerly faced by prospective pupils. From start to finish, the whole process is more prompt and pleasant – for all concerned parties.

First, applying for admissions and financial assistance is much faster and easier. Simply logon to the school’s website, complete all required fields, and with one click, you are done. Immediately afterward, don’t forget to favor your faithful Uncle Sam with a visit to his personal domain at

With a single submission of some financial figures, you start monetary award solicitations speeding through cyberspace at the speed of light. The entire process is often completed within a week. Contrast that with the old days of printed forms mailed in and subsequent two-month waits with your breath baited.

The real “work” begins

You may drop into courses at online universities at your convenience. Do you find yourself with an extra half hour to spare during your midday lunch break? Did you just put your two-year-old toddler to sleep and suddenly discover a rare moment of relative silence and solicitude?

Just login to your virtual classroom, bring up your notes and textbook on one side of the screen, and finish your next assignment. One quick click sends your efforts straight down the wires and into your instructor’s inbox in within seconds.

At test-taking time, follow the same instructions. A single click transmits your answers and instantly reveals your score. Review your overall course average any time you please with sheer ease.

No fancy financial footwork

Not only does technology whittle down the finding of financial assistance; it also allows better budgeting. No longer must you re-pack your belongings and head home with a heavy heart due to a shortage of tuition funds.

By rahul