Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

One of the most well known regions of Europe for history, art and culture, not to mention spectacular countryside and fantastic food, Tuscany is a magical place for students to visit on educational trips. Full of cities that capture the spirit of the Renaissance, it is the ideal destination for anyone studying that period or its legacy – which, thanks to the immense flourishing of architecture, art, and philosophy that occurred at the time, has been a vital influence on the development of European culture. Read on for a taste of what Tuscany has to offer.


While Tuscany is a region full of fascinating places to discover, educational trips to the region would not be complete without a visit to its foremost city, Florence. One of the most beloved cities for travellers in Europe for many centuries, the Tuscan capital is a city of beauty and inspiration, rich in history and culture. Synonymous with the Italian Renaissance, it has also long been known as a centre for art, home to one of Europe’s most legendary galleries, the Uffizi. Art students will be treated to some of the finest works by the Italian masters – in particular, the iconic Birth of Venus, by Botticelli. Beyond Florence’s artistic legacy, students will find an easy-going city filled with stylish shops, stunning photo opportunities and fantastic food.


Nestled among the mountains of central Tuscany, Siena is a breathtakingly beautiful medieval city surrounded by lush rolling countryside – making it the perfect gateway for those who want their educational trips to include an exploration of rural Tuscany. The city itself, meanwhile, is full of historic interest, especially in its UNESCO listed centre. Well worth visiting are the Duomo (the city’s 12th century cathedral) and the famous public square, Piazza de Campo, where the Palio di Siena horse race is held twice a year. Siena is also home to some of the most celebrated art museums in Italy, including the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, and the interior of the Palazzo Pubblico (town hall).


Another highlight of educational trips in Tuscany is Pisa, which may be most famous for its Leaning Tower but has plenty more waiting in store to be discovered. Surrounding the tower is the Piazza del Miracoli, or Square of Miracles, where you will also find the beautiful Duomo and the striking Baptistry. Beyond these well-known sites, however, there is a whole city to explore, with a wealth of museums and monuments. Pisa has long been one of Italy’s most important university towns, and the young vibe of the city will appeal to visiting students, while its legacy as a hub of philosophy and discovery makes it an ideal learning environment. Those who have already seen the River Arno in Florence will enjoy seeing its continuation here, and the Arno Promenade is one of the most attractive and fun parts of the city to walk through.

By rahul