Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

When shopping for toys, parents do not have to sacrifice quality, learning, and most importantly, fun to keep the price low! Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful educational toys under $20 from which to choose that will not only keep kids entertained and engaged, but will make sure that adults get more than their money’s worth!

Baby and Toddler Toys – Growing Kids while Shrinking Prices

These young ones grow up fast, and their educational needs and developmental skills change just as quickly. The youngest of babies will love the colorful, educational toys from Lamaze, many of which are under $20. Plus, the Lamaze line lets parents know for what stage toys are appropriate, making sure parents spend their money wisely. As babies grow into toddlers, they will love to crawl after the Press n Go Inchworm ($14.95); and when crawling goes to walking, they can pull along the Playful Puppy Pull Toy ($19.95) or another inexpensive pull toy. Many baby toys offer great developmental features at low prices for maximum fun and learning!

Durable Wooden Toys that Last for Added Value┬áJust because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean that a wooden toy is out of the question! Not only are wooden toys classic, but they are durable enough to hand down to other siblings and even other generations! Melissa and Doug makes wonderful inexpensive wooden toys, including pretend food sets like the Slice and Bake Cookie Set ($19.95) and a myriad of low cost wooden puzzles (starting under $10). With other great brands like Hape and Plan Toys making low cost wooden items, parents do not have to worry about spending a lot to get a high quality toy that is durable enough to last!

Games are Inexpensive Fun for Everyone

Engage not only one child, but two or more, in an afternoon of play that is cheaper than taking the game players to a movie – and more fun too! Games are great because they not only build reasoning and logic, but they work on social skills and teach basic etiquette and teamwork. Parents can find great inexpensive games for all: preschool games like Diggity Dog ($19.95), classic games like Gnip Gnop ($16.95), and new best sellers like Bananagrams ($14.95), all of which help pass the time away with competitive fun! And, if you divide the purchase price by the number of times kids play these wonderful games, the cost is more than worth it!

Arts and Crafts – Classic Activities at a Perfect Price

Kids love to spend the day drawing, painting, creating, and designing – and with so many inexpensive, high quality art and craft kits, parents will gladly oblige! Art supplies are always a steal when you think of the hours that kids spend using them, and the results are always amazing! Girls will definitely love making jewelry with many low-cost kits like the Friendship Wheel Kit ($14.95), which not only keep them busy but give them a great finished product! Or, kids can spend time honing their artistic skills with such items as the Fashion Design Sketch Book ($13.95), which helps them build a lifelong skill and appreciation, all while having fun. And, little artists can always take their new-found skills and continue producing works of art well after they run out of the kits’ supplies!

Sporty Toys at Sensational Savings

Playing outdoors is probably the cheapest activity there is, but sometimes, kids want some toys to liven up the backyard! But, high-flying fun does not have to have a high price – just look at the super popular Junior Stomp Rocket ($13.95) – a classic toy that kids love, which despite the low price, can stand up to tons of hard play! Add in the hopping fun of the Bungee Jumper ($19.95) or the excitement of remote control planes from Kid Galaxy ($19.95), and you have quite the winning combination of fun and frugality! Plus, these exciting, low cost toys keep kids active and playing outside, which helps curb their desire for high cost video games or other indoor items.

By rahul