Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

LEGO is one of those great toys that never goes out of style and makes great Christmas presents every year. Even if you buy a set with a specific theme, after it is built it can be torn down and used to create something completely different. The appeal of LEGO toys is based on this fact. I still have LEGOs from when I was a kid and I’ve only added to my collection over the years.

Some of the sets I have added are Star Wars LEGO kits. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and since I also love LEGOs (yes, adults can play too), it seemed like a perfect toy for me. I also have nieces and nephews who like both and I love that it gives us something to do together when they visit. It’s a great way to work together and bond.

LEGOs are also one of the best educational toys because children develop hand-eye coordination and creative stimulation without even knowing they are learning. Perfect! It can be difficult to get kids interested in educational toys so having them play with LEGOs is a great way for them to learn important skills.
















If your child is too young for the tiny LEGO pieces, then you can use Duplos instead. They are nice and big and still teach your baby colors, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. You can buy Duplos in sets of different bucket sizes.

They also make several board and video games. LEGO Harry Potter is a very popular video game and board game. They are fun games the whole family can play together.

Another wonderful educational toy includes LEGO Mindstorms. These are a level up from plain LEGOs because you can make robots with them. Mindstorms is a great toy for teaching robotics in a fun way. The kit starts with instructions on how to build a basic robot. Once you have accomplished that, you can use the included software to get instructions for building more advanced robots. I love how LEGO Mindstorms is a great balance of learning and fun, and encourages interest in science, computers, and engineering.

Christmas is approaching fast and if you are still searching for the perfect Christmas present for the kids in your life, I highly recommend buying LEGOs. The kids will be happy and you’ll be happy knowing that they are having fun while developing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encouraging their creativity.

By rahul