Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Military moms who have been serving the nation with unflinching dedication are set to receive complete educational support through the post 9-11 GI Bill. It allows them to avail of career advancements with complete support. The bill states that financial support will be provided for education as well as housing facilities for those who have provided 90 days of aggregate service or more to the military from or post 11 September 2001. Those who have had to be discharged after 30 days for a service related disability would also be eligible for these subsidies. However, the advantages can only be availed of by military moms who have been awarded an honorable discharge from the service. Provided, all these pre-requisites are duly satisfied, you can make the most of these opportunities extended to you and plan for your desired degree program.

Salient Features

Several amendments have been introduced into the bill since it was first drafted. As of 1 August 2009, the bill included provisions for training as well. Approved courses would include degrees for the undergraduate as well as the graduate level along with technical and vocational training. For military moms who are truly keen to this idea, there is a plethora of options from which to choose. You need to avail of your training from one of the institutions of higher learning that has been approved for the benefits provided by the GI bill. In addition, you can also avail of tutorial assistance and reimbursements for certification tests under the purview of the bill.

The bill has also been drafted on extremely realistic parameters. The tuition fees will be paid on the basis of the highest fees charged by an in-state public educational institute. The support amount will be largely dependent on the place of residence and the type of degree being pursued.

Scholarships Terms

The GI Bill Will Stick To The Following Parameters For Paying Eligible Military Moms:

* The fees would be directly paid to the school or college up to the limit of maximum tuition fees charged by a public institution promoting higher education in the given state. A chart is provided that gives data on the maximum rates charged.

* For those military moms opting for private schools or colleges, the charges would definitely be higher. For them, the Yellow Ribbon Program was initiated on 1 August 2011. As per the fresh changes, all fees pertaining to public schools will be paid as well as a sum of $17,500 that will be paid for education in private institutions.

* The bill also provides for housing allowance only for an E-5, along with family members or dependants. The location of the property should be the same as that of the school of study.

* For foreign schools, a BAH rate of $1,347.00 is fixed for 2011.

* The stipend for books and supplies is $1,000.

* A onetime payment for a rural benefit is also made.

Opting for online training will not make you eligible for housing allowance. Moreover, if military moms are engaged in active duty, they will also not be eligible for the housing allowance as well as the stipend for books and other supplies. Educational benefits up to 36 months are paid and you can avail of the same for a period of 15 years from the date of discharge from active duty.

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