Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

There is a long-lasting debate in some circles about the relative intrinsic worth of formal and informal education. This debate may impact our work in a literacy program. We have to differentiate between formal and informal-education and why it is necessary in this rapid world and especially countries like Pakistan.

Formal Education

The term formal education refers to the structured and prearranged educational system provided by the state for children of that country. In most countries, the formal education system is state-supported and state-operated. In some countries like Pakistan, the state allows and certifies private systems which provide a comparable even some time much better education.

Informal education

It is very simple to understand Informal Education as informal means unofficial and it is called informal education because;


  • No regular curriculum
  • Not obligatory
  • No formal certification


The Government can or can not support the whole program as it is mostly refer to the social base programs. Mostly education/training or awareness for this purpose is organized outside of the formally school. Most typically, the term or phrase in-formal education is used to refer to adult literacy and continuing education for adults.

Promoting Informal Education

Mostly this sort of Education, Programs, training needs cost and mostly are being supported by international organization like World Bank, UNICEF, Red Cross, etc. Now there is a problem as these organization has their own philosophy and according to the World Bank, they emphasis that formal education is most essential and thus illiteracy can be eliminated in a generation or next coming one.

According to others they think that there is more need to work on In-formal Education because deprived families and children can be accommodated through the informal education programs. And it will help to reduce illiteracy’s percentage.


It seems feasible that a more balanced approach or model for formal versus informal-education is needed not only by educational theorists but also societies as well. And they have to come out to work on this to try to eliminate illiteracy rate. Because there is no doubt that education is needed and especially countries like Pakistan, we do understand that the Govt. can not cope individually on this issue now we have to play our role (Societies) in this regard and have to come out to reduce the illiteracy rate either by formal or informal way.

By rahul