Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

There are plenty of people who will give you forex education at a price but you need to check a couple of essential facts to check the merit of their use to you in making profits.

Here are the two essential facts you need to check.

1. Is the vendor a trader or simply a writer?

If you are taking driving lessons you will at least want to know the person teaching you can drive and it’s the same if you are getting forex education.

Can the vendor trade and how successful are they?
















Ask the question:

“Do you trade and can I see your track record in real time of money you have made”

You normally won’t get one.

At best you will get a hypothetical one and there done with hindsight knowing the closing price so you won’t see one that losses!

Of course, you may also get some testimonials of lucky trades. Don’t accept them get at least a 2 year real time track record to show the merits of the advice.

2. When getting education make sure you get money back guarantee

Assuming you can find someone that has a track record then also check that you get a money back guarantee so that you can test the material.

I see a lot of e-books and education sold where really all the information is freely available on the net.

A lot of the forex education sold on the net is from traders who are simply writers and they rely on the copy to appeal to the greed of the buyer.

There is a lot of good forex education out there, but the vast majority is not worth the money so make sure that you do the above two checks and hopefully you will get some good education

Always remember this

At the end of the day the forex education you can get on the net that is free can help you become a professional trader.

In further articles in this series we will look at all the best free sources that can help you become a confident disciplined and successful trader.

By rahul