Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

A Christian education that builds off the fundamentals of Christ’s teachings, but also provides a firm grasp on a diversity of subjects, can be difficult to find. Some schools have excellent letters, arts, and humanities programs, but due to lack of funding might suffer in other ways. We all want our kids to get a very well-rounded education, but finding a private school that can keep up with demands can be tough. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when searching for the best school for your children.

Curriculum and Course Selection

One of the most important aspects of a good Christian Education is the ability to interweave theological teachings with art, history, mathematics, and science. It’s important to review the kinds of courses being offered at the school and even visit the school to see how these are taught. Some schools separate the religious aspect of teaching completely from the subject matter itself.

For example, some schools lead classes by opening with a prayer, then teaching the content with little to reference to Christ’s teachings. Some interconnect the two in surprising and interesting ways, encouraging kids to critically think for themselves. Others still go as far as to change content to fit a religious context more appropriately. Depending on the worldview and beliefs of your family, you’ll want to examine these teaching methods in-person and evaluate their efficacy for your goals. Some courses, like sex education, biology, and certain historical subjects might need special consideration according to your particular denomination and beliefs.

Intramural or Extra-Curricular Activities

A good sign that a school is offering your child a multifaceted Christian education is their involvement and inclusion of activities like sports, specialty classes, and field trips. You’ll want to evaluate whether they offer the kinds of opportunities that you want your children to have. Some smaller schools have a limited budget to work with, so they cannot afford entering leagues for sports like basketball and football. For the same financial concerns, some schools might not even offer classes like art and drawing, or have a computer lab that is equipped with modern machines.

On this same note, you’ll be able to gauge a school’s progress and development by their ability to create laboratories for science classes or go on field trips. These kinds of hands-on, real-world examples are essential to building the synaptic connections that children make at an early age. They also offer a range of potential for kids to explore their interests and passions.

The Importance of Accreditation

A final note of importance when finding the right kind of Christian education is whether the school is accredited with the American Association of Christian Schools. This certification ensures they have made the effort to maximize the quality of their curriculum and facilities. Moreover, it ensures that their philosophy is on-par with the AACS’s worldview, which can be explored in detail on their website.

This kind of accreditation ensures that college credits for AP classes are properly accepted and any public or private university will accept your children’s diploma. Conversely, if you’d rather go with a school that chooses a different accreditation process, it’s important to discuss with the faculty why they made that decision, and whether it is in accordance with your beliefs.

By rahul