Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Internet Marketing should be considered as an alternative to a college education – especially if the student might need to borrow a substantial portion of the costs for college.

Internet marketing offers the possibility of a standard of living commensurate with the amount of knowledge and effort applied to it. There are many, many niches in internet marketing that can be pursued. The barriers to entry are very low – especially when compared to the potential financial rewards.

There are no specific higher education requirements. There are no age limits. Start in high school and work until 100 if you so choose.

It can be done from anywhere with a computer and a connection to the internet. No commuting required, no bosses to satisfy, no troublesome work-mates, no office politics.

To be successful requires a passion for success, persistence, and the ability to bounce back from failure. Very much the same as the requirements for being a success in any field.

Conventional wisdom has been that a college education was the best way to assure a high paying position in the job market. Indeed, for years that seemed to be the case.–4-M

However, a recent study has confirmed prior studies that the lifetime sustainable spending of those who attended and graduated from top-tier schools were only marginally better than that for a plumber who started work right out of high school.

Not surprising when the total cost to attend a top-tier school can be several hundreds-of-thousands of dollars without even taking into account the lost income potential while in college. However, probing deeper has shown there to be little to no lifetime financial betterment even at lower level schools when compared to the earning potential of those who worked at a trade.

The studies took into account such realities as prevailing interest rates on borrowed money, federal and state income taxes, foregone earning potential, Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums and payroll taxes.

Obviously, higher education has a value beyond the purely financial such as personal and social rewards. But choosing to go to college for just financial gain needs to be looked at very critically and with an opened mind.

Today’s unemployment situation has hit those with college degrees especially hard. The jobs they have been used to have been very slow to reappear so far. The longer a college educated person is out of work, the lower the probability of getting another job in the field that person had worked in previously.

Don’t think of this article as a slam at college education. Think of it more as a wake up call to consider a broader field of possibilities before investing a ton of money in a college education on the premise that it will be the ticket to financial security. The two could be mutually exclusive.

By rahul