Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Despite the present economic crisis and employment issues, there has been no change in the American standard of competitiveness and struggle. With the level of competition increasing day by day, earning a satisfactory living has become extremely difficult or something quite rare. In order to successfully face the current scenario, taking certain necessary measures is the best one can do or in other words, this is the only possible option left for all those seeking a better future. The fact that the worldwide ranking of American education has suddenly dropped from #1 to an awful #10 is not only shocking but disappointing as well. Undoubtedly, higher educational standards not only enhance our credibility but at the same time positively affect our competitive edge over other nations who instruct their people longer all through the year with more demanding degree programs and highly advanced study courses.

One of the biggest problems that act as a hindrance in the successful completion of higher studies is the affordability factor. As most of the degree programs are highly expensive, many don’t have enough funds or money. According to a survey, almost hundreds of thousands of high school graduates are unable to pursue higher education as the educational expenses are touching the sky. Even more depressing, around 40% of those who somehow manage to continue their studies at the university level do not successfully finish their courses. According to the US President, a majority of students slip through the cracks all along the educational pipeline. Now, this loss is not only limited to students but it actually leads to the destruction of both the country and its economy.

On the other hand, we have an option other than the highly expensive and underfunded traditional study courses and programs. Acquiring an online Associate degree, online Bachelor’s degree, or even online Doctorate degree in various fields is not just affordable but it also serves as an opportunity to build one’s career in a much better, easier and brighter way.

With the passage of time, the standards for excellence have significantly increased, leading to a strong demand of maximum educational merits. Now, if we go ten years back, getting a satisfactory job with a high school education was not that difficult but today education has gone way beyond high school. In the present situation, even an honors degree at the high school level doesn’t seem enough for a respectable, high-paying job. In 2008, Harvard Graduate School of Education performed a study to come up with an approximate rate at which individuals obtaining degrees at higher levels manage to seek and continue employment: 46% of those holding masters and doctoral degrees gained an offer; 25% are earning between 40 and 49K salaries; 23% are earning between 50 and 59K salaries. With the trends and standards of living changing, educational standards have also changed. A bachelor’s degree holds the status of being the latest high school diploma and a master’s is considered the new bachelor’s. Our society has become as competent as it has never been before and in order to successfully survive there’s a lot that one needs to do.

By rahul