Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

One of the most discussed topics over the last 20 years has been the earth and its’ environment. Many organisations and governments have attempted to educate people to change their thinking regarding ecological or “green issues”. Whether it is recycling, lowering the “carbon footprint” or reducing CFCs there is seldom a day goes by where such subjects and issues aren’t prevalent on the news, either in newspapers, online or on TV. In more recent times there has been a large focus on travelling and the harmful effects needless journeys can bring. Indeed, many companies or organisations have suggested “share a car schemes” or faster lanes on our highways or motorways in a bid to encourage people to car-share and travel less.

In the city of London, “congestion charges” have been introduced as a means to lower and control travelling by individuals. Whilst such endeavours are admiral, there is still an “onus” upon us as individuals to “make a difference”, however small, where possible. Many ideas and solutions to lower needless travelling are already well documented. However, one area, which can make a big difference, but is often overlooked are the advantages Online Education can bring to the environment.

How can Online Education Help Teachers, Students & The Environment?

There are many Online Educational Services available, perhaps the most effective are those which encourage the use of webcams as the “virtual classroom”. Such services allow both teachers and students to teach or learn online, regardless of where they may live. Unless a lesson actually requires physical touch between the student and teacher, online lessons should be as affective as actual face to face lessons.











There are two main benefits that Online Education can give to the students, teachers and the environment:


  • As lessons take place from the home, teachers no longer need to leave the house in order to teach their students. They are able to save time, money and help the environment by avoiding needless journeys.
  • Similarly, students no longer have to make unnecessary journeys to visit their teachers. All of this helps the harmful effects travelling can produce to the environment.


How can Students & Teachers Teach or Learn Online?


  • Online Learning & Teaching is surprisingly easy. Essentially, both parties only need the following:
  • A standard PC, Notebook or Laptop.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Use of the main free “IM Tools” (Instant Message Tools), Skype, MSN (Windows Live Messenger), OoVoo or Yahoo Messenger.
  • A Webcam and Standard headphones, headset (or earphone/mic combination). Both of which are reasonably inexpensive to buy.
  • An Online Educational Service allowing teachers and students to find easily find each other, as well as handle booking and financial transactions.


The Next Step…

Whilst we have discussed the advantages that Online Learning can give to Teacher, Student and the environment, there are other factors you should consider:

How Can I as a Teacher find students to teach online?

How do I avoid double-booking issues?

How can I manage the financial transactions regarding lesson bookings?

Thankfully our services solve all of these issues, which then leave both teacher and student free to teach and learn.

By rahul