Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Enough is enough! Let me paint a picture for you… just imagine a full classroom of young college students who have paid tuition, acquired school supplies, and eagerly awaiting for you to instruct them. But there is something wrong. You ask a simple question “why are you here?” and the results are astonishing. Many of these students provide the following responses:

· “I am here because someone told me I needed a degree”

· “I am not sure why I am here, but I know I need a degree”

· “All my friends are in school, and I knew I needed to be too”

The problem here is not necessarily our academic institution, but the thought processes instilled in these young minds. This is one of the great effects of our ever so loving No Child Left Behind policies. Being left behind is not always a bad thing, as it teaches some students that they need to get it in gear to catch up. As an educator, I believe in certain policies or laws that are great at responding to specific circumstances; however, just passing a child on when they are unprepared for the sake of catching them up causes damage. I digress as this will be a different topic and another article. So, back on the topic…

Why are we preaching academics to students who may not need to go to traditional colleges and universities? What happened to instilling the importance of mentoring or apprenticeships, or simply expressing the need for an education? There are times that the lack of an academic experience can be viewed as a scarlet letter, rather than the emphasis being placed on the obtainment of an education. If everyone goes to college or a university, then we as a nation are saying that our blue collar jobs are not as important. News flash… Everyone Does Not Need A Degree! At this point let’s define the two terms. Education is the process of being educated, while academic can be defined as pertaining to a school or institution. In today’s society are we praising the opportunity to learn or elevating the privilege of enrolling in an institution?

One of the worst things that could occur is a college graduate returning to the same job that pays them the same amount as if they did not have a degree.

At some point in time, we will have to place a cap on the number of online schools popping up that are meant only for the purpose of profit. Should a degree be easy to obtain? No! If everyone could obtain a degree easily, then what would be the goal of achieving and obtaining a degree; it would be neutralized. Kind of like, what is the point in raising the minimum wage when they are only going to raise the prices of gas and food anyways?

By rahul