Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

“One can do anything, anything at all…if provided with a passionate and gifted teacher “- Pat Conroy.

In the internet we can find various resources dedicated to learning. But since the information remain disorganized, finding those resources even with the power Search Engine giants like Google becomes a difficult task. There are thousands of books and guides, tutorials and blogs. However, whether they contain casual information or personal thoughts or educational valued information cannot be predicted. Nowadays, education can be availed online, and of course you can learn both formally and informally. For a formal online education, you can do this by signing up for an online course offered by various universities.

These online course, are as usual as offline courses, been taught by professors in their respective fields. You will get access to lectures in the field you have chosen ranging from Engineering, Science and Technology, Health etc., You can also opt for levels ranging from certificate courses to Masters and obviously these are paid services.

However, recently top universities have started offering their courses online for free. This means anybody whether a housewife or aged parent can sign-up for those courses for free. There is no restriction of eligibility or a time-table to study. You can learn at your own pace and of course at your convenient times. Only thing required is an inquisitive to learn and accessibility to Internet Service.All human beings are endowed with capabilities to learn, improve and progress.The basic concept behind these educational offerings is that educational opportunity is a mechanism to attain that capacity.

OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality education materials. These materials are organised as courses. Some universities term it as OpenLearningInitiative. OpenCourseWare Consortium was established which has collaborated with more than 200 universities around the world, creating a broad educational content.Open and Free courses are freely available online courses and course materials that enact instruction for an entire course in an online format. Some of the Top-notch universities that are offering such free online education.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Course Ware (OCW) – MIT

Utah State Open Course Ware (OCW) – USU

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative (OLI)

Apart from these universities, Open Educational Resources (OER) which are not affiliated to any of the above educational institutions have also taken the initiative to link teaching and learning resources to you. One such OER is oercommons. They offer new way to engage with learning content.

By rahul