Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Encouraging toddler imagination by all means is parenting your toddler by an educational standard and it does make a difference. The difference is huge too, no matter what the latest trend or thought is on the subject. We are dynamic creatures in that we learn emotionally as well as cognitively. If we like what we are experiencing we have a tremendous aptitude for it as well as an endurance to learning more about it.

A toddler’s brain works in the exact same way. This is one reason why educational toys are so popular and do so well. Presenting things for the first time in a positive manner does count for something. So try to make learning as fun as you can. Reading to your toddler will create an interest in it. So the more you put into it, the more they will get out of it.

Become animated and do not just pretend to have a good time, learn to actually Have a good time. This is much easier to do than you might think. Just getting started is all there is to it. If you have to ‘Pretend’ in the beginning do it but then let yourself go a little. In this way you will learn more about your child and what their likes and dislikes are along with many other characteristics.

Toddlers imagination’s are a direct link into their understanding, into them. It is the byways of communication between yourself and their thoughts. What they imagine, ultimately builds their reality; or at the very least how they perceive that reality. You can essentially help them to create their reality with a more positive nature. Right now their world revolves around you.











You know how toddlers are always mimicking what their parents are doing. They see you and what you do every second that they are awake. At this moment, they are forever interested in You. You are everything to your child and they will learn more from you than anyone else during this stage of development.

Of course this will eventually change. They will not be like this forever (you can almost hear the collective sigh.) It is a must that we parents Never shun or correct their imagination no matter how tempting or how ridiculous. It can be hard sometimes because we do it on a subconscious level. We have to develop a system to catch ourselves and encourage them when they are being creative.

They are toddlers and calling to reason their imagination too often or too intensely can put a damper on their motivations to do so again. Imagination is healthy and vitally important to the intellectual and emotional development. So when they are going off in that strange place and talking about pink cheeseburgers with purple pickles we should try to play along and have some fun.

The way that I always keep myself from damaging the moment is by remembering at all times that these moments will soon be gone. Keeping this thought in mind could work wonders for other parents too. It helps me put things into perspective. Plus, this can also help to keep you in the right frame of mind. Making the most of your parenting makes parenting fun again and less of a chore.

Having fun with imagination is important and means so much to your child. This is the best opportunity you could ever hope for or ever expect again. These moments when a toddler is developing what is known in the Therapeutic & Psychological community as ‘thought patterns.’ These are once in a lifetime moments in development and in life. The great thing about the human brain is that if properly fed, it has no limit to its capacity.

As long as everyone is having fun the child will happily soak up all kinds of great information and develop “thought patterns” around them with no problem at all. So encouraging your toddler’s imagination should be pretty high on your list of priorities. Especially if your intended on, as so many people are nowadays, parenting toddlers by an educational standard.

The old saying is true, ‘You can not start them too young;‘ when it comes to education and so many are active in this now it has become universally recognized. The way world has not only recognized the importance of imagination and toddler education but have taken big steps in acting on this too. The brain will never be like a sponge again in the toddlers entire life. It is best to take full advantage of the opportunity and not waste it.

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By rahul