Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Wii games are known to be extremely entertaining, which is their most basic appeal.  This is also the case when it comes to the category of Educational Wii Games – they are not boring or trite my any means, and it’s this aspect of the educational style of games that makes them quite popular with kids and adults alike.

At this point of writing (May 2009), there are just a few educational Wii games on the market to choose from, but the ones that are available have a number of appealing factors about them.  Here are two of the top sellers in terms of popularity and high consumer ratings:

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree – This set of games focuses on a few areas including math, visual recognition and various memory activities.  In all of these activities, players are made to think quickly which is part of the overall challenge.  It’s good for kids as well as adults and is a popular game for families to play together as well as providing “mental challenge competitions” for group gatherings.

Smarty Pants for Wii – Rather than having one or a few specific focuses in terms of learning, this is a general information trivia type of a game.  This is my personal favorite of the Wii educational games specifically for kids to play since it bases its questions upon age (entered early on in the game), making it specific to a particular learning level.  This makes it a great choice for kids and adults too.

Both of these educational Wii games are created for players approximately 8 years and older, and are a great choice whether you’re looking for fun and mentally challenging games for kids or adults.

By rahul