Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

The use of educational DVDs and educational videos in the classroom can easily be a topic for debate as some educators still feel they have no place in the modern classroom. The problem with this argument is that the modern classroom demands interaction and engaging in new technologies. Many of the resources available to make this happen can be accessed through such portals as YouTube, TeacherTube and even television.

Project-Based Learning

One very effective tool in the classroom is that of project-based learning. This systematic teaching method engages students in learning knowledge and skills through a process that involves inquiry. This process is structured around questions that are complex and authentic and includes products and tasks that are carefully designed. Educational DVDs can play a significant role in this process, demonstrating the best methods for project-based learning.

When project based learning is used with such tools as educational videos, YouTube or other channels, students are much better able to retain the information they learn because they are taking ownership of the process and the results. Lecture situations continue to be used, but they fail in that students don’t retain the information. If they do, it is merely by memorization and the knowledge is then useless for recall in critical thinking.

Project-based learning also works simply because its engages students’ interest, thereby motivating them to learn. Kids who drop out of school do so because they are bored. They do not feel challenged and feel they have nothing to gain from being in the classroom. When a teacher introduces project-based learning, students explore the world beyond the classroom and understand the world is a big place, full of opportunities.

Even when project-based learning is used, you may still hear complaints of boredom or claims it is a waste of time. If this happens, you’ve missed a crucial step. One of the reasons why educational DVDs have found new demand in the classroom is because teachers are using them to engage their students by explaining what they should expect to gain from the experience of educational videos. When the same thing is done with the project, students will understand the point and are encouraged to take their own interest and plug it into the project.

When students are invited and encouraged to ask and answer questions for themselves, they become engaged in the project or activity. They make it their own and care about the outcome. In the process – and without even realizing it – students are making connections and using analytical skills that will be critical to their success as a student and as a professional. When teachers use the educational videos and educational DVDs at their disposal, they can get their students excited about the task at hand.

This type of learning can make use of such tools as educational videos like those available on YouTube or TeacherTube. Students use technology to access these tools to gather information and complete a project. Educational DVDs also provide access to alternative theories and methods students can use to try and answer their questions and create new challenges.

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By rahul