Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Educational videos have been a staple in interactive classroom learning for years, with no end in sight. While these activities may be changing to include educational DVDs, teachers are now relying on interactive skills to introduce other new technology into their classrooms. An interesting example came out of the Escambia County public school district in Florida.

In 2001, the district sought to combine its two smaller elementary schools into one larger school. When the new facility opened, district leaders wanted to assemble a sophisticated educational technology classroom. Teachers were already used to chalkboards, whiteboards and overhead projectors. They wanted action and interaction. The answer came in interactive whiteboards.

These interactive whiteboards offered the district the opportunity to expand upon its current technologies to create a dynamic learning environment. Educational videos and educational DVDs could now be enhanced even further with a solution that required interactive responses from students and an engaging presentation by teachers.

Interactive whiteboards could not only make this possible, it was also a financially attractive solution as it met the stringent requirements of the district’s budget. It allowed the school to make better use of its current technologies, enhancing them instead of replacing them.

The school district opted to implement the ACTIVboard Collaborative Classroom System from Promethean Inc. as it provided a complete, integrated teaching system that was created specifically for the education system. With this implementation, teachers could go beyond educational videos and educational DVDs and enter a whole new world of technology options.

ACTIVboard offered an electronic whiteboard, necessary software and student peripherals, including the ACTIVslate. This peripheral encourages real-time interaction by allowing students to direct and control the whiteboard from their seats. ACTIVote provides teachers with instant student feedback on various subject matters. All of these pieces are designed to work together to enhance the overall learning experience.

With this integration, the school district would move from merely presenting information to students via whiteboards, to interacting with information and students using the whiteboards. The solution offered a catalyst to change the way things had always been done, to move to an engaging environment where students want to learn and teachers want to teach.

This Florida school found that a wholly interactive system allows the school to still use existing technology such as laptop computers, DVDs, VCRs, projectors, digital cameras, and document scanners to conduct day to day lessons. As such, the school was able to extend the value of these devices while also implementing new technology.

Educational videos and educational DVDs will always have a place in the modern classroom as they deliver experiences beyond the four walls of the school. When they are integrated with interactive learning tools, teachers and students gain even more value from the experience, making the lesson that much more effective.

By rahul