Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

It is the time of year again and local shops and malls are flocked with parents shopping for toys. While Santa Claus does not give much thought about the kind of toy he gives away on Christmas, more and more parents are interested in choosing the best educational toys for their children. Since parents wish the best for their kids, toys which are educational are becoming the number one option when shopping for gifts this holiday season.

We all know that children spend most of their time playing. Play is the most important activity of a child in line with eating, sleeping, and learning. Most parents however control the play trying to make it more inclined to learning. That is where educational toys come into action. Toys that involve music, shapes, colors, cause and effect, and connecting can stimulate a child’s brain especially if they are introduced between the ages zero to five. The fun part about these toys is they allow children to enjoy their play while being taught something. Having all these facts established more parents shop for toys that are labeled as educational.

There are many questions to consider when shopping for educational toys for children. While it is true that toys can nurture a child’s imagination and development, every child is unique. A good learning toy for one may not work for another; some find it interesting while others do not. That being said, asking the following questions can help you buy the best toys to give as gifts to children:

Is the toy appropriate for the child’s age?

Most toys have a manufacturers age recommendation. This is based on research and is most of the time accurate. Use it as a guideline when shopping for toys. Many parents subscribe to the rationale that their child is smarter than their age and therefore opt to buy toys that are meant for higher age brackets. Toys are meant to maintain a fun level. When a toy is too complicated for a child’s age, it will not grow with the child. It is still best to take a manufacturers age recommendation into consideration.

Does the toy match the child’s learning style?

Some children are visual learners and others learn more through sound. Parents are most likely the best ones who know their children’s style. Shop for toys which can encourage a child to interact and respond. If a child is a visual learner, go for puzzles or building toys. Toys that play music and have demonstrations are good for kids who learn more through sound. It is advisable to go with the child’s learning style but it is also good to introduce both audio and visual toys accordingly.

Is the toy safe for the child?

When shopping for toys, make sure that they are not toxic or harmful. Never mind buying sharp-edged toys for they can cause cuts and bruises. Be careful when choosing toys with small parts. Children may accidentally swallow them and choke. Always consider safety when buying toys.

By rahul