Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

To combat this problem parents must reassess their priorities. A 60 minute report entitled “Staying At Home” reveals that there is a change in the priorities of working moms. From Wall Street to Main Street many women are choosing to step down from their profession and enter the world of the most rewarding profession and becoming Stay-At-Home Moms. The thought of a stranger (even the best daycare) being the primary caregiver has raised many concerns.

However, parents do not need to quit their jobs nor do they need a formal education to have an impact in the training and education of their children. There is nothing that can replace the bond between parent and child. It is not necessarily a matter of being a stay home parent as much as spending daily quality time interacting, bonding and training your children. It is the best and most natural way to prepare your children for success.














Research reveals that a child’s brain development is most affected from infancy – 6 years of age. It is also the ages in which parents will learn and understand their child’s individual abilities and capacity for learning. As parents make crucial investments of quality bonding time with their children especially in this age group, they will reap the benefits of their child becoming a successful, productive adult. Parents can begin by monitoring and adjusting their child’s daily schedule.

Playing is the most natural way of development in children from infancy – 6 years of age. A Stanford School of Medicine researcher reported that the brain regions that help children sense and interpret the world are dramatically affected by early childhood experiences and educational toys that stimulate young mind… The benefits of educational play during a child’s early years can provide the stimulation and experiences that create a foundation of learning and growing while having fun.

Parenting may not always easy but it certainly can be fun. Parenting is a process where we teach and train our children for future tasks and prepare them to become productive successful adults, which begins at infancy. As more parents take an active role in their children’s early childhood years, “Attention Deficit Disorder” statistics may just be reversed. By closely monitoring their children’s daily activities, spending more time interacting with them and adding periods of educational play into their day, parents may find themselves raising a Nobel Prize Winner.

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By rahul