Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Educational toys and games, when smartly guided and supervised by adults, can be a powerful tool for early education and learning process. For many, games and toys are simply what they seem to appear: implements of recreational activities for children. But when properly understood, and used effectively, educational toys and games can result in more emotionally stable and intelligent children.

In terms of education, the absorption of knowledge in children usually takes in the form of formal and informal learning. Formal learning constitutes enrolling in school or entry to any similar educational institutions.

Informal education on the other hand takes place outside schools and is mediated by resources and people outside the classroom. But actually, differences between the two are not that wide. For instance, activities in informal education are eventually used to strengthen formal education.















One of the activities frequently used in informal learning environment is playing games among children, and having them play certain educational toys to achieve the desired result. Since children are by nature learners, and have this capacity to absorb almost everything, a good combination of educational toys and games can really produce encouraging results.

The importance of proper educational toys and games for children is now a settled maxim that there are many literatures now which explain the importance of using educational games and toys to strengthen early learning in children. Both the reasoning power and emotional abilities of children can be developed during plays, using the right games and toys.

In using toys for re-enforcing educational games, adults should be keen in observing the children’s individual personality. This would help the children realize their potential early, and encourage them to pursue their leanings, encouraging them to play similar games and educational toys, thus, strengthening the talent.

However, it should be noted that there are differences in the development of children, in terms of their reasoning and emotional capability. Also the individual personality of children should be considered, before deciding on the appropriate educational toys and games for learning or simply, playing purposes.

It should also be noted that as children grow older, does necessarily mean the end of educational toys and games. As they are approaching the adolescent stage, children experience emotional upheavals, which can be stabilize to a certain degree, by engaging into games appropriate for their age, one of which is sports. Sports, from the most physical like boxing to more mental like chess, is just an expression of humans never-ending need to play games and toys.

By rahul