Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Are you concerned the toys you are giving your child aren’t helping them in their development? It is only natural that you would want the best for your child, and as a parent I understand this. It is the reason I started to research into how educational toys and games, as well as educational play can benefit children.

And it’s amazing what I discovered!

I found that through educational play your child will learn to think, to make decisions, to be creative, to develop their communication skills, and build their self confidence. They will also learn skills like hand-eye coordination, memory retention, reading skills and motor skills. And these are just a few skills, there is so much more they will learn.

The secret is to choose the right educational toys that will assist in your child’s development. Did you know research has found that playing with educational toys and games as a young child can considerably influence your child’s intelligence? In fact they found that children who do had an IQ that was 32-50 points higher than children who did not.

So to ensure your child has the greatest opportunity to develop you need to play with them using educational toys and games. Your involvement with your child from an early age will have a huge impact on them for their whole life! But, what are the right educational toys and games? When choosing educational toys and games for your child you should consider selecting ones that are —

  • Appropriate For Your Child’s Age. This is one of the most important factors in selecting a learning toy for your child. Use the recommended age labelling as a guide. There is no point in attempting to give your child a toy that even Einstein would have trouble figuring out.
  • Fun. Children learn the best when they are having fun. And who do they have the most fun with? You of course! Just remember that their toy needs to be fun for both parents and child, and not just the parents.
  • Engaging for Both You and Your Child. The key to your child’s successful development is your engagement with them.
  • Fosters Imagination and Creativity. Look for developmental toys that will stimulate your child thoughts patterns and problem solving abilities.
  • Toy Safety. One of the things that is usually overlooked when parents are purchasing toys for their children. Make sure you inspect toys for sharp points or edges and projectiles, look for small parts of larger toys are secure and carefully read all safety messages on toy packaging.


In the end the choice of whether to teach your child utilizing educational toys and games is yours. If you at least take the step to engage and play with your child you will have already taken a huge step towards increasing their ability to learn and have fun. But why not give your child that extra edge and try using educational toys and games. After all, your child’s educational and developmental future is in your hands!

By rahul