Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

If you happen to be interested in becoming a registered nurse, then you are most likely aware that there are certain qualifications to become a registered nurse.

Knowing the educational requirements to be a registered nurse is the the first step you will need to take in your journey to become a RN. You will need to complete a prescribed program of study. The education that the prospective registered nurse chooses will depend on if he or she is interested in pursuing further education.

One of the most popular forms of education for registered nurses is an associate degree in nursing which takes about two years to complete. Other RN candidates may opt for a hospital diploma program where they take thirty to sixty hours worth of science classes and then take many more hours of classes which are heavily focused on nursing. The diploma program usually takes a minimum of three years. A diploma program meets the basic educational requirements to be a registered nurse.
















Another option is for the prospective RN to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from a university. Once a BSN degree is earned, it gives the person the opportunity to pursue higher education opportunities in his or her field such as a Master’s Degree or a PhD.

The registered nurse educational requirements can vary from state to state as each state has its own laws and policies that govern the nursing profession. However, all registered nurses most take some sort of licensing exam in order to become legally able to practice in the registered nursing profession.

While 2-3 years of training is required, it is possible to make a good living from the salary that you can earn as a registered nurse. But be aware that the profession can be stressful. Some of the most stressful nursing positions are those in hospitals, particularly in the emergency rooms. Some less stressful jobs may include working in private practice where the hours will not be as long.

Keep in mind, while fulfilling the educational requirements to be a registered nurse, that there are different types of RNs. You could be a triage nurse or a neonatal nurse. As part of your coursework, you should take classes that will address the job duties of the type of nurse you are interested in working as. Being a nurse is an honorable profession. It is also a profession which suffers a shortage of qualified professionals.

By rahul