Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Educational play toys allow children to learn valuable lessons that will help them in the future and the popularity of this category of toy is growing considerably within the Christmas gifts market. These days more people are realizing the value of buying a child something worthwhile that could instil in them precious knowledge rather than something that only has cosmetic appeal and is inevitably a five minute wonder and waste of money. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a Christmas gift for a child and then seeing it cast aside just a few days later. Traditionally, toys that have an educational aspect are designed to capture children’s imagination and be used over and over again which means they are a good investment.
















Learning through play is vitally important in any child’s life and making learning fun is the best way to filter important messages through. Things that could make a significant difference to a younger person’s lifestyle development, such as healthy eating for example, can be put across in a attention grabbing way so that the messages stay with them for life.

At Christmas we are met with so many thousands of choices when buying children’s gifts and it is often very difficult to find something that is unique amongst all the dolls, cars and other traditional toys and games that are available online or in the shops.

However, if you shift your search into the educational toys category you could be very surprised at what you might find. Learning games these days are not just about puzzles! There are a great deal of innovative products out there just waiting to be wrapped up and presented to the younger members on your Christmas list.

Give children a valuable gift this Christmas: the gift of learning.

Marcia Griffiths is the Managing Director of Principle Play Products, the company behind Healthy Helpers, a range of fun children’s books, educational play toys and classroom resources that use unique, endearing characters such as Marcia the Mango and Andy the Avocado to help children aged 3-10 learn about healthy eating.

By rahul