Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Did you know that 70 percent of Americans between ages 18 and 24 are unable to point out New Jersey when given a map? Also, did you know that in the same situation, 11 percent of these citizens cannot even locate America? Sad as it may be, the facts speak for themselves. There really is a need to school the population. Because if the future of the country depends on the younger generation, then what future does the United States have? This is why educational charity is very important.

A lot of people, not just in America, do not go to school because their resources are not enough to let them. As the inhabitants of the planet continue to increase in number, the level of poverty each nation has to face rises along with it. Even if the country you live in is among the wealthiest in the world, there are certainly still areas where beggars roam the streets asking for a little food or money. However, as noble as feeding the hungry may sound, wouldn’t it be more virtuous to nurture their minds instead? As opposed to temporary sustenance, knowledge is a thing that doesn’t expire. Once you teach the destitute how to make a living, they will no longer have to plead for solicitations and count on the compassion of their fellow men.











So rather than offering a few pennies to the street dwellers, introduce them to educational charity instead. In this way, you don’t just satisfy their starvation momentarily, but you make a difference in their lives that would last forever. After all, with proper schooling comes more opportunities to better one’s existence. So if a person came from an unfortunate background, and finished his or her formal instruction through the generosity of others, then most often than not, he or she will have a sense of fulfillment upon doing the same for those whose circumstance remind him or her of her humble beginnings.

With this, a cycle of benevolence and kindness is created. Educational charity really is the most wonderful donation one can contribute to the lives of the needy. Not only do they stop being dependent on those more privileged than they are, but they also gain an awareness that there is a necessity to become learned, and that it is essential to pass on this knowledge. With the gift of education, the impoverished will no longer have to be deprived.

By rahul