Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

In one of the current ads on television, when a popular actor is seen promoting the idea of online classes for the benefit of underprivileged kids, he gets lauded from all corners. Love or hate the ad or the actor, the thought is unmistakably brilliant. Online classes supported with educational CDs are not only miles ahead when it comes to convenience; they also appear to be the inevitable future of education. But the traditional learning one attains in classroom lectures can never be replicated in an online lecture. In fact, if one starts peeling the layers off the concept of educational CDs, one will realize that there are many such pros and cons buckled to it.

Offline lectures have been our tradition. It is a proven establishment dating back to the days of the gurukul. Most people would believe that classroom-type hands-on learning is the only way to pursue an education successfully. For the students to grasp a concept it is instrumental to have a teacher or an instructor who can solve the many queries and doubts the students might have. He is a guide who challenges the student to excel in their work, and is ready in the flesh to address any problems that may arise. In addition to the teacher, the fellow students play a pivotal role in the development of a child or a young adult. Not only do the other students help in the form of study-groups and play-groups, they also help in building the confidence and the character of a student. When it comes to working and studying in groups, the students are given a taste of how it would be to work in an organization or an office. Lastly, regularly scheduled classroom lectures require a student to be disciplined, punctual and prepared to face questions about the relevant subjects. There is a sense of responsibility that is instilled in the students that is achievable through face-to-face learning. All the people-skills that a student gains from classroom learning are invaluable, accounting for a full-rounded development that prepares a child for the real world.

Video Lectures on the other hand are based on the ideas of flexibility and convenience. As against the traditional classroom setting, these lectures can be taken whenever it is convenient for the students. This flexibility is a boon not only for those who live impossibly far from the educational institutions, but also those who missed out their classes due to some unavoidable circumstances. While such online classes might still be more expensive than the traditional classroom classes, they help save money in many other avenues. The cost of travelling and books is practically zilch. For someone responsible for looking after the elderly or little kids, these classes can rescue them from paying for a babysitter or a house-sitter! Lastly, learning from home ensures there are no difficult people or nosy teachers to deal with. For someone who enjoys learning in the comfort and the peace of one’s home, there is no substitute for educational CDs!

By rahul