Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

If you are a mother, especially if you are a single mother, then you can thank the horrible economy for one thing and that is the new programs to help you go back to school and get a degree in a field you might actually enjoy working in. There is a lot of free money available for mothers and some of it is in the form of an education scholarship for mothers. Here are the ways you can get money to go back to school and get the degree you have always dreamed of having.

Now even though there will be discussion of scholarships it is important to start with explaining the source of financial aid that most are afraid of and do not know much about. Student loans are a great way to pay for your schooling and can lead you to a much better future with an education. You do not have to pay on them while you are in school and you get a 6 month grace period after you graduate as well. Plus if you need to you can use up to 2 years of deferrment before you start to pay and 2 years of forbearance before you ever pay a dime on them.

So since that is out of the way it is time to get into the education scholarship for mothers. Since Obama took office he has created a new program that allows mothers to apply for and be given an education scholarship of $10,000. This is a large chunk of money and this can pay for a 2 year degree all by itself at a community college or a state college. This will get you about half way to the degree you want to get and it never has to be paid back, which means it is free money.

The last thing that must be discussed is how you are going to pay for the rest of your education without digging into your pockets. You can also apply for what is called a pell grant. This is given to those that make under $30,000 a year and the full grant will be about $5,500 a year towards your education. If you put this with your $10,000 scholarship you can complete a 4 year degree without ever taking out a loan or at least without taking out much of a loan.

By rahul