Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Education is anything that has influential consequence on the intelligence, temperament and corporeal aptitude of any entity, this entity can be child, adult or behavior of the two. When there is a talk on the pattern of education or adoption of novel example of education, for this 21st era, most of the populace stick to a prototype thought of schooling and teaching, which is firmly based on 19th century.

The new millennium is shepherd by a theatrical scientific and technical revolution. We now subsist in a gradually more varied, globalized, and multifaceted, media-governed society. Even nursery student can make a difference in the world, by contributing in real-life, real-world service and by learning projects. One is never too immature, or too aged, to make their thought heard and consequently creates change to make the earth a wonderful place to live in. Promising equipments and ensuing globalization also offer boundless potential for thrilling innovative discoveries and expansion; like new forms of energy, therapeutic advances, and reinstatement of environmentally desolated areas. Development of Communications, Ocean diving and space exploration has boosted our thought to find a new world.

School Curriculum and education of our country should carry a vision to develop a culture where relation between student and teacher should be governed by learning process. The teacher should motivate his/her class to actively participate in class discussion or interactive session. This will help them to expand their thought their view, outlook and sight towards the world will change. This session if practiced at regular basis will extract best from the better. These best will turn out to be valuable citizen of the society and better will try to follow them. There will be no bad; competition will be between Good, better and best.

Education and curriculum of 21st century should be based on critical thinking and problem solving, quickness and adaptability should also be its basic instinct. Society, custom and way of life determine whether a person will be successful or not. One should develop a tool to manage the process of education, instantly follow the process of education change and also to apply the agenda of education which deals in…

• Curiosity and imagination
• High quality infrastructure and Technology
• Generate leadership quality in people
• Adapt reform if required

By rahul