Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

As an individual, regardless of our nationalities, colors, religions, gender and standards of life, we are given the right to education. Education is one of the most important and is being prioritize by everybody because without education we remain uncivilized and illiterate.

Yes, they say education sometimes is useless because others improved their lives without educating themselves by sending them to schools and complete their levels of education. They proudly say its about how you persevere in order to survive. Yes, they have some point! I strongly agree that it is about perseverance. In fact, many graduated that remained unemployed. Others fell from selling veges and fishes in some market place, others too are just babysitting. Thats the sad reality we have observed now a days. But we can see the big difference of graduating a degree from just persevering without any degree.

Anyway, the issue here is not about that. Its about those students who can’t be able to enroll the courses they wanted to study. When can you say that you are qualified or not qualified to study nursing, maritime, political science and any other courses? When you enroll the course you take, are there any qualifications asked before you decided that you’re really qualified to take that? Based on my experience, No. I just enroll the course because I like to and I simply wanted to study that course because I think it is my field of specialization and it fits me. It is not because my parents decide it for me but I just took my freedom to choose that course because that’s what I wanted to study. I am not rich but I’m just blessed to have a parents that gives me full support to achieved and accomplished my education. Public schools and Private schools were built so that we can have our options where to study. Scholarships are provided too, Academic or Non-Academic Scholars, so that student can have the chance to grab the opportunity to study and finish their education especially those who can’t afford to send themselves to school because of financial problems. Some companies too are sponsoring just to help those students who wanted to go to school. Some wealthy people too helped their friends or neighbors by educating them. There are lots of ways are provided for education problems. But I wondered and a question was raised when someone had told me that she can’t enroll to that course because she failed. I said, “Sometimes, we have to admit that we failed to get it, better luck next time.” She replied, “I don’t think if there’s more luck for me to study that course, my height sucks!” I asked, “whats the matter with your height? Does it matter?” She said, “Yes, I failed to enroll that course because my height didn’t pass. I failed to get the height requirement. I am so sad, because the course I longed much since I was young is not for me. I am too short, I don’t fit such course.” Her mom advised her to choose the another course instead of that.

By rahul