Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Afghanistan has been a land of challenges. Whether it’s political turmoil, financial anxiety, land mine nightmares, constant coups or recurring wars, Afghanistan has bore the brunt of its ugly fate. To achieve constant progress however, the country has tried to overcome various problems and has successfully emerged up in many situations. Take its Education sector for instance. Plight of education in Afghanistan had seldom been fine, until King Zahir Shah came and took serious actions.

King Zahir Shah (early to mid 20th Century) built primary schools for students under the age of 12, along with strengthening the secondary school system and increasing the number of national universities in Kabul. This move was a first step towards laying a stronger foundation for education. Though a large part of population still remained illiterate, it was a bold move nevertheless.

Then in the mid 1980s the country had around 800 primary schools, 300 general secondary schools and about 6500 students in Kabul University. Such low figures are due to the widespread destruction that took place, which also eliminated up to 80 percent of the schools and colleges. Resultant, a large portion of Afghanistan generation grew up without any formal schooling.

The year 1996 once again marked a setback for Afghanistan education sector. The then Taliban regime most ferociously banned the education for females in Afghanistan and evolved mosque schools (madrassa) for primary and secondary education.

The 21st century has marked a shining phase in the Afghanistan Education. From a “no-education-for-girls”, the scenario shifted to “separate-education-for-girls”. In 2003, the girls and women shed off their camouflage and enrolled themselves in schools and colleges. Though they shared separate facilities, but they were given the right to study nonetheless. The transition is subtle, but sure.

Few of the named Universities of Afghanistan that have carved a niche in their education sector are as follows:-


  • Kabul University
  • American University of Afghanistan
  • National Military Academy of Afghanistan
  • Kabul Institute of Medicine
  • Polytechnic University of Kabul
  • University of Pedagogy


These estimable universities constitute a major chunk of illustrious scholars, and are gaining popularity with each passing day. Kabul University in itself presently holds 10,000 students, out of which 2000 are females. An educated mind is also an enlightened one. Hope the improvement in the Afghanistan education sector also paves the way for stronger community base.

By rahul