Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

To say you want to be a teacher is pretty much like saying you want to be a doctor. With all the different specialties, unless you become a general practitioner, you better narrow it down a little bit more than that. Teachers are no different. Not only are there specialties but there are also different avenues to take. We’re going to cover just some of the options teachers have open to them.

When most people think of teachers they think of elementary and high school teachers. This is pretty normal and common. After all, we spend a good portion of our early lives in these institutions. They have a great impact on who we eventually go on to become. That is probably why so many people who want to become teachers end up in elementary or high schools. The memories of their days in one of these places are usually strong and pleasant. But becoming an elementary or high school teacher is not the be all and end all of teaching. There are many other avenues open to someone who wants to spend their life educating others.

There is college. Granted, to become a college professor requires more education, usually the minimum of a masters degree in a specialized field. Unlike elementary school teachers who teach a number of subjects, college professors usually specialize in one, maybe two areas at most. The rewards of being a college professor are great. For the most part, students who are in college are there because they want to be. The problem of discipline is nowhere near as great as it is in public elementary and high schools. Just be prepared to put many more years into your education if that is the path you choose to take.

Another option for teachers is to go into teaching in a business or trade school. The salaries for these teachers are usually a little higher than for public schools because the teacher is working for a profit making institution. Also, as with colleges, students who are in business or trade schools are there because they want to be and not because they are required to be there by law. Again, with a business or trade school you should specialize in one area. Also, most trade schools require that you have at least 2 years of experience actually working in the field.

Of course there is always the option of teaching at a private school. Most private school teachers don’t make as much money as teachers who teach in public schools but there are some advantages. For starters, teaching in a private school, for the most part, is a much easier job. The students are more disciplined and the environment is more conducive to education. Also, the certification requirements for being a private school teacher are not as tough as for teaching in any other institution, with the exception of maybe a business school which requires no certification but does require work experience.

By rahul