Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Since the beginning of time, parents’ primary purpose was to educate their children.. Today many parents find that their children are not succeeding in school. Also without a good education, job opportunities are limited. To solve this problem parents are choosing home education.

In the past parents had little choice but to use the public schools. However computers and the internet have given parents many choices in home study programs.

After spending much time in looking at what the different programs offer and the pricing, I want to share my findings: and offers the most comprehensive, easy to use and affordable program. Some of the ways It is different from other programs that I have found…

• One affordable fee include all your children. Most programs charge more for each child separately.

• You receive access to all K-12 grades and subjects. Most other programs give access to only one grade for the same cost or more.

• Videos are provided to match each topic. Over 3,000 free educational you tube have been connected. to the text instruction. This has made learning easy and enjoyable. No other program provides the videos.

• Finally you get a 10 day free trial use of the entire program.

I like most about the program is my child can go at us own learning pace. Also they have all the learning resources and can use what fits their learning style. The free trial let me see exactly what I will be using before I make a payment. It provides children the combination of individualized learning approaches and engagement.

Children become more efficient and effective when they are doing actual and hands-on. Their creativity and independence magnify themselves they are learning.

Doing such actual exercises it allowing children away from boredom getting lost in the shuffle, or restricting many variety of reason.

All the learning resources help to uplift the quality of education that children deserve. They have make a lot of research and studies just to provide them the most effective learning for all students including those with difference leering styles.

By rahul