Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

No Education, No Life! Just like food, water and air, education has become a basic necessity for everyone to survive in today’s world. Education is a broad concept that refers to all the experiences in which students can learn something to develop and establish them in the society. Education could be formal and informal. Formal education consists of a systematic standard of instruction, teaching and training. This format is derived from many different disciplines of life, i.e., psychology, philosophy, biology, linguistics, sociology, etc. While informal education consists of the general etiquette, decorum, rules and codes of conduct in the society.

Informal education is what you get mostly and largely from your progenitors. Your initial lessons starts from home where you get to learn how to sit, stand, behave and speak in the society with elders, mates, friends and others. When you start learning certain decorum then comes the time to go for formal education which helps in refining your persona further with more useful and powerful knowledge.











This formal education helps you achieve your ultimate goal in the society of being a successful man or a satisfied person (depending on your own aspirations). It also helps you be a better human being and a person with refined wisdom.

In contemporary scenario, no child should be without education, as it is almost impossible to survive without it. Now all the nations and states have made it mandatory to provide primary/ elementary education to all kids, unbiased of their caste, creed, race, status and nationality. Special kids who have some difficulty in reading and writing, like other normal kids, also have an absolute access to any normal school for learning things the way others do with a little more care and concern. Various special schools are also available for their better and hassle free growth.

Students, who wish to pursue higher studies from well reputed institutes, are provided with scholarships to help them reach their target in life. Several governments affiliated and private graduate colleges and vocational institutes are also available to their rescue.

By rahul