Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

There are two standards followed by the National Education Association (NEA). One is to create an education program that remains firm, and the second is to gain power over the system. The organization wants to gain power even if there is corruption and other are undermined as a result. It undermines ideas and limits the thinking of local schools while using its capital to gain control at the same time. The idea is to endorse an established status in society over all, even if this means children are at risk of not having the skills they need to learn. The NEA wants to control teachers. Their actions have impacted parents and taken their control away.

The system also affects the conduct of the community and education. Teachers lack the ability to control public school systems because the NEA enforces union obligations and works toward control by connecting with government officials. The ability of parents to respond to such changes has decreased, and the ability of students to study appropriately has been abolished. The NEA has taken total control of teachers, while taking over what children feel, believe, and think. The NEA is moving to control parents by reducing their rights to raise their children according to the principles they hold.

There is a problem in the schools. The idea that all people are unique is being lost. Each person has a gift. Some can see what is right better than others who allow organizations like the NEA to rule their lives. Everyone wants power and control, but some go too far and harm everyone. They may even promote disability or mental illness. When there is a diagnosis of learning disability, it can sometimes be reversed because many of these individuals know the truth. Others, however, will remain under the control of a corrupt system.

Children who have attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) represent a good example of children with learning disabilities. They often see things in a different way, but doctors frequently medicate them to stop them from ‘acting out’ in a way that is not accepted by society. The medications include Adderall and Ritalin. These drugs are amphetamines, highly addictive, and commonly known as ‘speed’. The medications place children at risk for psychosis, schizophrenia, and strange behaviors and thoughts.

Children with ADHD are very observant and closely study everyone around them, while listening to others who are speaking. They hear words, but the words mean different things to them than to other people. These children often have other problems that keep them from learning. Hearing and visual problems are common in AHDH patients, and hand-eye coordination may also exist.

Special education classes are created to teach children with ADHD how to behave and think like everyone else in ‘normal’ society. These children sometimes do not move forward in their lives because teachers force them to learn at levels that may be inappropriate. Learning disabilities and education can sometimes conflict.

By rahul