Thu. May 19th, 2022

The process of effectively influencing the human mind and society in general is the source of education. The institutions provide infrastructure and teachers contribute their time, energy and knowledge influencing the human mind in a positive way. Every individual feels the importance of educating their children and adults and expect them to excel academically.

It is very important that we as individual must analyse and evaluate the mental capability and interest in any field or subject, which will shape up the personality. Education in general should not be forced upon if capability and interest in any individual do not show compatibility. At times, the capability prevails, yet it lacks interest. Hence the field of education and subject should be in line with mental capability and interest of an individual.

The variety and type of education are available at a different level. The basic education which is a guiding factor for all should be imparted to make a common man perform his day to day duties. The secondary level and higher education will become the corner stone of learning and development of society. The role played by students and teachers in harmony will have tremendous effect on society. The contributions of both are an important factor towards a prosperous future.

The most important and necessary aspect of education is acquiring knowledge.Education without knowledge is insignificant and ineffective. Exploring, analysing understanding and evaluating hidden treasure of nature can only be obtained when education is coupled with knowledge.A knowledgeable person leaves an impact on individual and society alike. It is, therefore,, the imprints which penetrate the heart and mind will be everlasting. It becomes an open conduit of knowledge benefiting generation after generations.

By rahul