Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Some people write online articles to entertain, some write them to market a product, and others do it merely to help educate. It seems such a noble cause to write online nonfictional articles to help educate the public, solve a problem for a reader, or answer a question. Being a good educator or teacher is not easy, doing it through an online article is even more difficult, therefore I thoroughly applaud those that go the distance and are able to use this venue to educate others.

There are so many things that people are interested in online, and folks are able to ask questions in the search engines can find the information to almost any challenge, problem, or inquiry anyone can come up with, and do it in microseconds. Maybe you have experience, knowledge, or you know something that most people don’t. If you want to reach the most number of people, writing an online article might be the fastest way to do it. If you are a researcher, scientist, or are involved in academia you could write research papers, but many of those get tucked away, sold for a fee, and are not easily gotten by the average person online.

That’s not the case with Internet articles which are posted to the top online directory article websites – that information is there 24/7 for anyone who cares to find it by searching out simple keywords. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Khan Institute, and how one man has posted over 1000 videos on how to do various math problems. Anyone can go and learn how to do any type of math they wish, any time they want. Isn’t that a wonderful thing that he has done? No wonder Bill Gates liked the idea, and sponsored him with the equipment he needed to do even more.

The reality is you can do the same thing with your area of expertise whether it is in a business, or area of academia. You can provide information to the world and educate others using online article writing. Perhaps you aren’t very good as a public speaker, or you are shy with the concept of producing online videos, in this case your quality content in the form of articles would suffice. I can’t think of a more noble cause for an article author than to help educate others at no cost to them.

Best of all, you can put links at the bottom of these articles to bring these people to your website to help educate them even further. Education is a powerful thing, and giving power to the individual, and the information they seek is a wonderful benefit for mankind. Please consider all this and think on it.

By rahul