Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Your site fills the needs of a niche, and you’re getting to be the “go to” place for your subject. You have a great archive of articles, and you authoritatively answer questions from your target group. What’s missing? Product or service reviews.

By reviewing products and services, you provide your merchant partners with an invaluable service – pre-selling. You’ve already done the first step of the work when you decided to form affiliate relationships with certain companies. You know the buyers of their products and services. But different people want different versions, price ranges and features. You are ideally situated to help them move forward with a purchase, one that makes commissions for you!

A product review can be in-depth descriptions and discussions of individual products, in a “Featured Product” showcase. A second form is the comparison of several products, for instance, stadium blankets. Read through product descriptions and come up with the attributes that people look for in stadium blankets. Then make a grid with affiliate merchants listed in the left column, and half dozen of the most important attributes listed in columns across the top. Then fill in the information about five or six products. You will also want to have a column for your comments, and perhaps a designation of “Best Value” or “Hot Product”.

Have fun with it. Use things, try things on, and really learn about your merchants or advertisers. And if you find that the products of a particular merchant just aren’t measuring up, you might want to investigate further. The quality of merchant products does reflect on your site, and you need to constantly be guard it. By doing product reviews, you’ll be doing a service to your site as well as to your site visitors.

Indeed, I may suffer through my preconceived notions in a way my counterpart will not. In satisfying my intellect, I may sacrifice that immediacy. It can be very rewarding and instructive to stand alongside an individual who, in reaching out to an attractive but perhaps unorthodox image, displays a sort of clumsy affection, all fingers and thumbs, as he tries to articulate its impact upon him.

The innovation of the audio guide has certainly introduced a different dimension. I have been a very occasional user myself but the flaw to this approach, in my opinion, is that it is very much akin to wandering around a foreign city with a translator in tow. There is, somewhat perversely, a pleasure in making one’s own mistakes rather than pursuing the mistakes of others. I prefer to enlighten myself on my own terms, for better or for worse. Further, it is intriguing to consider the responsiveness to work in a particular building. Are people more reverential in a grand and imposing space and less so in a sleeker and more modernist environment?

It is always interesting to place a group of Renaissance paintings in a very contemporary building and avant garde work within a historic one and judge the reaction of the audience. A proper appreciation of a work of art often reflects how comfortably individuals could imagine living with it, if in their own home, but also the level of appropriateness of its immediate surroundings. Let us now move beyond some of the more abstract themes and look at three specific examples of modern artistic sensibilities in the context of intrinsic quality, display and cultural significance.

By rahul