Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

What has always been the best way to learn something in life? The parent and the child, the master and the apprentice, the teacher and the student. We all know there are people doing things we do or like to do a whole lot better than we do. Know so much more than we do. Everybody can excel one way or another and the wise ones know where to look for their examples… So they can learn, study and excel themselves, eventually.

If life has been like that for centuries, millenniums even, who are we to think that virtual life would be different? Excellent marketers on the internet are often referred to as “gurus ” which might be a bit exaggerated, but they stand out from the crowd and it is from them we can actually learn something.

In the wholesale dropshipping you have the power sellers, the super sellers or top sellers. They do not operate in the margin, they make a great income this way, a six figures income actually so chances are we can learn a lot from them, just entering the field of this kind of business. But it is kind of weird to pick up the phone and say: hi, I am the new kid on the block, can you teach me?

And yet these stars are approachable. Most of them use the SaleHoo directory with over 8,000 of companies in the wholesale and/or dropshipping business. All these companies have been verified and are reviewed regularly, often by these top sellers who leave feedback after having done business with them. But SaleHoo also has a members’ forum and here you can actually ‘talk’ with the super sellers. They drop in on a regular base and answer questions from other members. So you could say that paying the onetime fee for the SaleHoo directory also makes you a member of a very special community.

Why would these big sellers help us newbies out? Are they not afraid of possible competition? One day we might play them off the field… My guess is the biggies have not forgotten they were once starting out as well, sometimes not even that long ago. They would have loved a helping hand, or maybe they even got one, way back. And as far as competition is concerned… well, if you would earn more than a six figure income would you be scared of someone new trying to make a living as well? In who knows a whole different area than you do? Is the giant afraid of the dwarf? Only if the dwarf has tricks the giant cannot tackle. The chances on that are very scarce. So there is no reason why the super seller should not help and teach the kiddies in the community. And the wise ones amongst us know it is the forum where we should educate ourselves.

As Seen on BBC News, FORBES and CNN Money

Sonny S. Wilsons built his online business without knowing any HTML programming. He is now an eBay Powerseller, bringing in over $1 Million in yearly sales, selling everyday consumer products. Learn how he uses turnkey wholesale dropshippers to build his business into what it is today in barely 15 months.

By rahul