Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

A Doctorate in Education (EdD) is the degree that opens any door in the education field. If you are an experienced education professional then this degree is designed to satisfy your needs both educationally and professionally

As you are aware a doctorate is a research level degree, and in distance learning the format is the same however with more flexibility to conduct independent research that allows you to manage you own schedule and allows you to utilize knowledge from your own practical experience in the field.

Most EdD courses offer a well-rounded education that is focused on diversity and equality as well as delivering an education that allows for sustained personal development throughout your career. In these programs you will discover that there is a balanced effort in both theory and practice. And you will gain a well-rounded education by exploring educational, social and environmental change in a range of settings.

An EdD distance learning degree is suitable for adult professionals in many education and related fields, like:

* Lecturers who are currently involved in the education field.
* NGO working in global settings trying to expand educational practices in diverse cultures.
* Teachers with masters degrees who are looking at higher leadership roles in their profession.
* Governmental employees or appointees who are wish to be involved at policy creation at the highest level.
* Professionals in industries that support the education community.

The distance learning school you choose for your EdD will need to be and adult education university with both accreditation and the ability to provide you with a high quality learning program in both teaching and research.

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By rahul