Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

SINGAPORE – Grassroots gamers will soon be able to organise their own tournaments on the Esports Players League (ESPL) platform.

Lau Kin Wai, the league’s co-founder and president, told The Straits Times that this feature would be available “over the next six months”.

ESPL is a Singapore-based e-sports tournament platform which operates in 16 countries across five regions. It aims to “democratise” e-sports by allowing amateur gamers to compete on the global stage.

Lau, 44, said that one area it was looking into to further this goal would be the introduction of user-generated tournaments.

“We want our users to be able to organise and run their own tournaments. We want to make organising tournaments very friendly and easy (for users).”

This would be achieved with the implementation of an automated bracketing system, he added, where “it is very easy to arrange which users will qualify and face which teams in subsequent rounds using our system”.

Amateur gamers will be able to use this feature on the ESPL platform to host their own tournaments.

Faeez Fuad, who goes by the online moniker Rimau, was excited at the prospect of being able to organise his own tournaments. The 23-year-old marketing officer, who plays in amateur tournaments on the ESPL platform, said the feature “sounds fun”.

“We all know that if we want to organise any tournaments, we need a lot of experience and a lot of cash,” he noted. “It’s a great opportunity for (gamers).”

Looking to the future, Lau also said that ESPL would continue investing in the community, a handy point following a recent $2.8 million injection into its coffers from investors.

He noted that this was its biggest piece of funding so far and expressed confidence that the platform would continue to grow.

“The funding is not the cause but the effect of our growth. (The gaming industry) is one of the handful of industries that have grown because of the pandemic. As people are spending more time at home, they spend more time gaming which has increased demand for our platform,” he said.

“We will continue to grow our community. We will enhance the platform we have to build more features, grow the team to serve the community better, and move into other geographical markets.”

One form of enhancement would be the introduction of new elements such as music through its tie-up with Warner Music Asia, one of its investors in this financing round. The record label will become the exclusive music partner of ESPL, allowing the e-sports platform to integrate music owned by the label into its events.

Lau said: “We think it is a great opportunity to develop new media that marries (gaming and music).”

He also mentioned the possibility of hosting virtual concerts with artistes from the Warner Music Asia label on the ESPL platform.

Darren Ho, senior vice-president of music entertainment and partnerships at Warner Music Asia, said on ESPL’s website: “There’s a huge audience crossover straddling gaming and music. ESPL’s trusted ecosystem will enable us to deliver an array of new, authentic and bespoke experiences, with gamers forefront of mind.”

By rahul