Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Education is a process where a person is supposed to sharpen his intellect by acquiring knowledge, the best appetite for the brain. Education fosters human brain with knowledge to enable one’s overall development. Thus education plays a vital role in every one’s life.

Different educational institutions use different forms to deliver the knowledge in form of education towards its students. In the process of delivery of education some might use the theoretical approach while some might use practical approach. It depends on the institution and the student’s learning style. However both the methods are effective and helpful. Yet some educational institutions follow dual educational system.

Dual educational system basically involves the formal education in the vocational school or college and the apprentice in a related organization. In the period of apprentice student gauges all the challenges that come across his way and very well understands the technicalities he has to deal with in his due career ahead.

If you ought to be a doctor, taking the apprentice as a Doctor assistant in order to gauge challenges in this field, similarly if you ought to be a mechanical engineer, taking apprentice in a mechanical workshop or a garage enables him to understand the technicalities involved in the field. This approach of education makes us understand the theories on one hand while prepares for the competitive environment in order to shape our career on the other hand.

Dual education basically involves two sections, the practical or apprentice section and the theoretical or school section. Both sections have its own importance that helps in shaping up your knowledge as well as career.

Practical or apprentice section involves training sessions by the company for about three to five days a week. In this process the companies are supposed to provide the students with a proper set of knowledge that helps the students in his education process. The training may also involve practical workshops in order to enrich the delivery of knowledge. The distribution of time for the dual education may differ but the motive is yet the same.

The school on the other hand is allotted a formal time where students acquire theoretical knowledge in order to be formally ready for the real competitive world. The study time inculcated for the theories can be one or two days a week. The remaining part is practical where students encounter with the real time problems involved in their related field.

Dual education is actually advantageous as the student is already an employee so with the grasping of knowledge he experiences a growth in his own abilities. Thus this process is beneficial for both the company and the individual as company can continue him as an employee as he knows the company flow while the individual would continue in the company with the recognized atmosphere and form of work. Thus students are benefited with the education process right from the beginning.

By rahul