Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

Forex education and training can provide you with the confidence to control your financial future. We must look past the hype in the marketplace and focus on what it really takes to personally achieve in the Forex market or any endeavor for that matter.

I’m not going to lie to you, trading Forex is not easy. But not for the reasons you may think. In the end we are the ones that will ultimately decide to become successful or not. The separator is not IQ, but rather emotional discipline or Self-Mastery. Where’s this obtained?

Your Forex Education is the key!

Learning yourself will increase your bottom line more than any other single aspect. Let me just preview what emotional elements must be in place for you to succeed in Forex. You will notice that there is no mention of strategy, moving averages or pivot points!

1. Have A Strong Enough “Why” Statement

Why do you want to get your Forex education and trade the currency market? Is it to save for retirement? Is it to supplement your current income? Is it to replace your current job? Are you trying to accelerate your college fund? The answer to this question must be strong and full of passion! This will be the one element that will get you through the dark times all traders face.

Also, having this statement transferred to your Forex education mission statement will allow for the thoughts and actions of successful traders.

2. You Must Create Momentum

When you begin learning to trade Forex it is exciting and new, but like everything there is a finite honeymoon period and the effort begins to wade and life takes you away from your Forex education. You must create momentum – pick a time in your schedule and dedicate this to study and trading and continue to focus on the process of trading. Making money should be a secondary thought to placing sound trades.

Imagine where you are going to be six months from now with a solid commitment. Hold on to that thought and never let it go. Work, kids, friends and family – we all go ’em . Don’t let excuses creep in and steal your dream.

3. Overcome Any Obstacle

Listen, nobody is exempt from having to climb the learning curve to achieving in Forex. There are no short cuts. Forex education is the best path. I came across a system the other day that is being marketed as a system that “you don’t have to learn” to begin trading in your live account immediately. Just watch a video for 10 minutes and you are good to go! Warning!! The sad thing is that the system appeared to build on sound principals, but no system is fool-proof and without your Forex education your risk is 100% if you do not understand when that system can fail!

Create a vision board of pictures that represent your “Why” statement. Put it within eyesight of your trading area. If you come to work in your car – stop listening to the radio and listen to a audio book, if you do not have the money to fund your live trading account continue trading your demo account until you can fund a live account – you will be in better position than 99.9% of the traders who fund an account right away. This why having a coach is so important.

By rahul