Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

The other key aspect that needs to be addressed when we talk about a Knowledge Society, is the skewed emphasis that we provide to Education which is not the only aspect of a Knowledge Society.

A formal Education system with the corresponding degrees, the scores that an individual gets and how the scores compare with peers is the only parameter that we use to establish the level of Knowledge that an individual or a group has. It has been proven time and again in the world that the most successful businesses or the most innovative projects and the most significant advancement in society have not been conceived by the most educated individuals. Infact in many cases they have been the least Educated based on our parameters.

Dhirubhai Ambani and Laxmi Mittal are examples that you do not need to be highly educated to build multi billion dollar businesses. Similar examples globally are Richard Branson, Michell Dell, Walt Disney among others who are school dropouts but have led transofrmational changes in each of their fields. This is a clear signal to us that we need to redefine our parameters of what defines knowledge. This is not to say that Education is not important. We all know that it is immensely important but it is also equally important to understand all the other aspects which contribute to a knowledge society and find ways to nurture that as well and have a broader view to Learning and Education.

Abdul Kalam had made some excellent points in his book, Ignited Minds where he says that Knowledge is just not about Education. While Education is very critical knowledge is also about Information, its about Intelligence, about Real World Experience and Skills. It is also about our awareness of out Heritage and History which may lie largely untapped. The question for us is how can we tap into all these sources of Knowledge and build a process which enables us to become truly a knowledge society as against just being an educated group of individuals.

Kaushik Raghupathi is a senior IT Professional and Project Manager working out of India. Over the years he has worked on numerous IT projects with large sized teams. He is personally very fascinated around Learning methodologies in general and specifically around Community Based Learning. He is currently experimenting the concepts by working with students in this area.

By rahul