Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Distance education, is a technique of offering education through correspondence or online. It makes it possible for students to receive education in far-off places. In Distance education, educational materials are sent to the students through various means such as tutorials, audiotapes, videos, satellite broadcasts, and also through CD’s. Interactive videoconferencing generally helps a teacher to deliver lectures in a virtual classroom. The different facilities and services available through the network generally include online listing, accessibility of online video materials, distribution of course materials, and constant communication, with tutors or instructors and fellow students through e-mail.

Distance education software is also used to encourage, reputed institutions to start distance education programs. Interactive videoconferencing is the most useful software developed, and it has helped to change the way distance education is imparted. The growing technical software makes it possible for colleges to adapt distance-learning programs, by easily mixing online-learning software from multiple companies. Many colleges around the world are now getting involved in creating new standards, and many institutions, corporations, and government bodies have also started applying for them.

These standards are still being developed, and it is assumed that it could take years to be implemented. Professors with the help of this software can create, a database of the attendance record of students in each of their courses. Professors would have to individually update the lists, whenever students join or drop out of a course, with the help of the advanced software.

With the help of this software, the curriculum can be arranged and rearranged easily, to accommodate different learning styles. A professor can also include evaluation tools, to track a student’s progress through the material. When content can easily be rearranged, distance education without doubt is likely to expand quickly. Online sites are available that give detailed information, and latest updated news of how soon this software will be introduced.

By rahul