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Distance Courses Hold Their Own Significance in Indian Education Scenario – Clemenbit
Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The education sector in India has been witnessing many noteworthy reforms since independence. The deteriorating education standard can be attributed to the fact that only 12 percent of the school children continue their study up to 10th standard and a mere 10 percent of people become eligible for higher studies. There are hundreds of universities and thousands of colleges in India. So, it is a pity that our educational infrastructure is not being utilized properly. Recently, it has been believed that the launching of various distances courses will revolutionize our education system. But, the question is: Are these courses really capable of bringing about changes?

Distance learning education is profoundly different from conventional class room education. This form of education has grown in stature in the last few years, leading to a large number of distance universities being set up in the nook and corner of the country. Nowadays, students are getting into jobs at a young age even before completing their requisite education. So, they are looking for courses that can facilitate the completion of their desired education without giving up jobs. Here, a distance degree comes to their rescue. The Council of Distance Education oversees the distance learning system in India. It was established under the Indira Gandhi Open University Act, 1985.

There are endless instances of students not being able to finish their studies through conventional means due to several grounds. All these students can bring their career on track by pursuing distances courses offered by many open universities. Since regular colleges and universities have limited number of seats available, more and more students are enrolling themselves in various distance learning programs.

There are many far-flung areas in the country where pursuing higher education is like a dream. But now, people in those areas can pursue their desired courses thanks to the distance learning system. In this mode of education, students receive their study materials in the printed form or online. As the Internet and computers are present everywhere, e-learning is preferred by the majority of students and the number is growing fast.

Coming to the topic of open universities in India, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the premier distance university with plenty of courses related to arts, science, commerce, computer applications, management and other allied subjects. It has hundreds of centres all over the country. Students who are pursing its various distance courses can avail learning materials in the form of texts and videos.

Besides IGNOU, students can also acquire a distance degree through other universities like Alagappa University, Annamalai University, Bharathair University, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Anna University, Utkal University, Patna University, Nalanda Open University, Karnataka State Open University, National Law School of India University, Sikkim Manipal University and many more. All types of educational and professional courses are imparted through these universities. Employers are also valuing these programs during their recruitment processes. Hence, distance learning degree courses have come as a boon for students who want to resurrect their career or work and study simultaneously.

By rahul