Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Today there is such a wonderful variety of education toys from which to choose for toddlers. The great thing about this is that so many of these toys will not only provide fun for your young one they will also offer creative thinking. For example, one great education toy is a puzzle. The learning comes in several ways: the toddler must solve the puzzle. Aside from this a puzzle offers a variety of shapes and sizes. Too, there are all kinds of colors. A puzzle can be used from an early age for the toddler to play with. As the child grows you can then work with her/him with each developing step in the learning process.

DVD’s are great for the young ones. It is important to understand that your toddler may not understand the basic premise behind a DVD, such as the letters of the alphabet, but s/he is learning to listen to sounds. The baby will also see the colors on the DVD, distinguish among different voices, and, just like with puzzles the toddler will learn the bigger message as s/he grows older.
















Another great education toy is in all the different varieties of blocks for sale. In this case you do not want to make a purchase when the child is too young; otherwise, the first thing s/he will want to do is put the block in his/her mouth. A block teaches a number of skills including dexterity, eye-hand coordination, logical thinking, and some great fun.

If you think your child is too young then wait awhile, but, no matter what, a book is a great education toy. Not only can a book give you some quality time when your child wants you to read it, over and over, a book introduces your toddler to the life-long world of words. A book has been and always will be a treasure.

Erica is a mother of two who enjoys sharing helpful tips that help couples to save time and money while growing their family. She believes that learning should be fun for kids of all ages.

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