Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Yamiche Alcindor:

This was absolutely different in tone. President Biden, for his first foreign trip as commander in chief, really was friendlier, it was a much more cordial meeting. And we saw elbow bumping instead of elbow pushing. Right. We remember when former President Trump came here and literally elbowed European leaders out of the way. So you really have a lot of European leaders saying they’re happy that the U.S. is now cooperating again. You have the French president in particular mentioning that this demonstrates that there’s really leadership and partnership.

There are still, of course, some disagreements among European leaders and the United States. But overall, what you see is President Biden saying there’s a lot more talk of shared values, of democratic values on climate change, on humanitarian rights, on trade even, but I think overall what you see here is a real family reunion, which means that there is a lot of love, but there is still some drama.

By rahul