Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

Once someone receives Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification, the educational process does not end. Most states require that each CNA complete a certain number of hours of additional training each year in order to renew a certificate. Since the medical facility cannot continue a CNAs employment if their certification expires, it is in the facilities best interest to aide employees in obtaining the necessary training and education.

It is the facility that benefits to have their CNAs current on issues of new medical techniques, laws, equipment, and social issues. Some states will require some of the training be in a particular area while other states leave it up to the CNA to decide they topics they cover while continuing their education training. Topics include HIV/AIDS infection control, medical records requirements, medication administration, and resident rights.

A medical facility can also require that CNAs get additional training in particular topics specifically relevant to the facility as a condition of continued employment. Continuing education courses and workshops can be offered in-house or made easier to access. There are a number of ways to make this happen.

· Offer online courses employees can complete on their own time and at their convenience
· Provide home study courses on DVD or as written material
· Subsidize all or part of a college course tuition and fees
· Provide in-service training at the facility

Many educational programs are available today that provide continuing education to medical personnel. The medical facility can contract with a local community college or Allied Health school to provide ongoing CNA training. Or the facility may pay a university instructor to hold seminars in the medical facility.

Do not forget your own qualified staff! There is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience within every facility. Registered nurses, physicians, and technicians can provide accredited certification training in many cases if they are also faculty at a medical or nursing school. The number of hours of certification training needed depends on the state requirements.

The classes offered to upgrade CNA skills do not have to only be offered for certification renewal purposes. A medical facility needs the assurance that medical staff is always technologically and skills current. Thanks to modern research methods, new procedures and treatments are introduced regularly.

Staying on top of the rapid pace of change is not always easy but offering frequent classes and workshops will help. Ensuring your staff is up to date will only benefit the facility in the end.

By rahul