Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

One of the main sources of food for the Native American was the buffalo. They grazed over the prairies in huge herds. Lone Bull, the name of our hero, was a young boy who wanted desperately to show his family and his tribe that he could provide food for the tribe and in this way strengthen his character education. As it so happened, a herd of buffalos had just moved into the vicinity of the tribe. Secretly, Lone Bull decided to sharpen his arrows, check the string on his bow, and slip out of the village when all were asleep. He silently made his way towards the buffalo herd.













As he grew near, he saw a young calf sleeping slightly apart from the main group. Lone Bull, eager with anticipation, carefully notched his best arrow to his bow, took precise aim and loosed a shot. The arrow flew through the air and accurately killed the buffalo calf instantly. Lone Bull was a strong lad so he crawled to the dead animal, lifted it and slung it along his shoulders. When the tribe woke up, Lone Bull was in the center of the village displaying his calf for all to see. The chief was summoned. “Lone Bull,” said the Chief. “You have made a grave mistake. This is not the way I told you to build your character education.

Take your buffalo, feed your family and then leave and never come back”. Lone Bull was dumbstruck and although he failed to understand why the Chief had been so stern, did as he was told. The following day the herd of buffalos had disappeared and then Lone Bull understood his mistake. After many wandering days and being rejected by other tribes, he was finally accepted into one. There he carefully organized the winter’s buffalo hunt and the tribe had more meat than they had ever had before. He finally understood the meaning of character education his former chief had explained to him.

Lone Bull had learned from his mistake and had become a hero because of it. This, he thought, is character education and I will instruct my children through my own experience.

By rahul